Hello Fresh Review : Where Meal Prep Meets Convenience

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Hello Fresh Review

Special note: I feel it prudent to warn you that the service I am about to recommend isn’t what most people consider frugal. I didn’t either and initially thought there was no way I would ever buy it!

The thing is, I got my free review box and after the first meal I knew I was a customer! I don’t plan on buying a box every week. Jason & I are going to buy one box a month and enjoy three date nights during that week.

There are days when Jason & I only see each other for 15 minutes or less. Finding time to reconnect is vital to our friendship AND our marriage. Dinner out would cost us at least $120 by the time we add in a babysitter. $60 for 3 meals doesn’t seem like a huge amount compared to that.

Also, I’ve written a lot about balancing wants and needs. How living frugally enables us to get some of those wants. This is exactly the kind of situation I am talking about.

Thanks for considering all of that as you read.

Recently my husband and I had the chance to try Hello Fresh, and we are so excited to share this company with you. This is a company we truly love!

Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service, with a twist. Hello Fresh delivers everything you need for 3 healthy meals to your door. Each recipe is designed by a chef, run through a test kitchen, and designed to be made in under 40 minutes.

hello fresh review

There are only two major decisions to make when it comes to Hello Fresh:
1. Do you want a vegetarian or classic box?
2. Do you want a box for 2 or 4 people?

The Vegetarian Box starts at $59 (delivery included) and contains 3 amazing dishes. These aren’t your typical rice and beans, no. You’ll be treated to dishes such as sweet potato risotto and roasted beet & lentil salad. Many of the dishes are vegan, and those that aren’t can be easily adjusted.

The Classic Box starts at $69 (delivery included) and contains 3 pre-selected meals, each with a different protein. In the event you cannot eat one of the proteins there are always two alternative meals you can substitute, including a vegetarian option.

The substitution process is very simple and happens after check-out, just follow the instructions on your computer screen. I am allergic to shellfish, and one of the meals in the week we ordered contained shrimp. After check-out I followed the instructions to substitute a pork dish for the shrimp dish. Easy peasy, and the correct items arrived! I couldn’t have been more pleased.

hello fresh review

Some items to keep in mind:

-This is a scheduled, subscription delivery service BUT you are not locked into a certain number of deliveries. If you wish to order periodically, and not weekly, you will need to “pause” delivery on the dates you don’t want it. You have a whole 6 days before delivery to schedule a “pause”. The pause feature is also used to temporarily suspend deliveries if you will be on vacation, or don’t want a box that week for any reason. Pausing service is very easy to do and makes it easy to pick which weeks you want a box.

-You can cancel your subscription at any time, even after just 1 box. All you have to do is send an email and your account will be canceled.

-Serving sizes are HUGE. A box for 2 people could easily feed 2 adults and 2 children, or 3 adults.

-Each meal comes with a full-color recipe card with easy-to-follow instructions, pre-measured ingredients, and pre-washed produce.

hello fresh review

“But Meg!” you say, “This isn’t frugal!”

You’re right. At first glance this isn’t a frugal option, but hear me out…

My husband and I love to cook and we love to eat. We enjoy preparing healthy meals for our family and we enjoy trying new foods.

We also enjoy learning how to cook. My husband has been to several cooking classes at Disney University and the local high-end grocery store.

We also enjoy going out for dates, especially when they involve food. We celebrated our 10th anniversary by taking a cooking class together.

All of those things cost more than the cost of 1 Hello Fresh delivery and provided far less food. And let’s face it, the food at most places we go just isn’t that great, including some of the more expensive restaurant choices.

Not only do you get 3 healthy, gourmet meals when you chose Hello Fresh, but you don’t have to pay for a babysitter and you don’t have to drive anywhere. You won’t spend your time out worried about what you’ll come home to, or if the kids got a bath, or if your babysitter fell asleep on the couch while your children were outside playing. (Yes, I speak from experience!)

A Hello Fresh gift card is also the perfect gift for the holidays, new parents, busy families, newlyweds, or for anyone who enjoys cooking and eating healthy food!

Would you like some more information on Hello Fresh?
website: http://www.hellofresh.com
reviews: read more reviews at Mosaic Reviews
coupon code: use promotional code U45Y67 at checkout for $20 OFF your first order!


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