Is It Possible To Be TOO Frugal?

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Something funny happened the other day that had me wondering…

are we too frugal

The family and I were visiting a local theme park last weekend. While boarding a train ride I noticed a cast member pick something up and head for the trash can. My husband approached her and she handed him whatever it was that she picked up. I couldn’t hear what they said to each other but I assumed my husband had dropped something.

When we were finally seated on the train my husband proudly showed me….a red crayon.


My husband was smiling and laughing and said “See, it’s hardly been used!”

The words “I believe we may need a frugal intervention” came out of my mouth and I just shook my head and laughed.

I’m all for reusing discarded items, fixing broken things, and wearing items out before replacing but the idea to ask for that crayon wouldn’t have entered my mind.


So, what do YOU think? Would you have asked for the crayon?

What are some of the “strange” things you’ve done in the name of frugality?

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One thought on “Is It Possible To Be TOO Frugal?

  • Jessica @ThatOddMom

    LOL, I don’t think I would have asked for the crayon. However, we have bags of veggie pulp from the juicer in the freezer to use for stock or whatever. Years ago I would have tossed into the trash/pig slop/compost (depends on the year you caught me on) but now I’m like “hey I can use that!)