SNAP Challenge Day 3

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Not much new here for day 3. I was still feeling pretty lousy about the whole thing, especially since I needed ANOTHER gallon of milk today. The baby was quite ill this week and while she wasn’t eating much table food she was drinking a lot of bottles.

Physically I feel a little uh…how do I put this delicately? Stopped up. My digestive system has always been very responsive to the foods I eat, and I’m feeling the lack of fresh veggies for sure. I attempted to remedy that today.

I’m not listing beverages or ingredients anymore unless I have to buy them that day.

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Milk – $4.30
cereal – $3.00
Total cost: $7.30

Lunch – stir fry using leftover chicken & rice from last night
bag of broccoli crowns – $1.00
stir fry spice packet – $1.00
total cost: $2

1/2 lb cheese ($3.00/lb)
carrot sticks ($1.00)
Total cost: $4

DinnerGeneral Tso’s Chicken
Chicken – $5.50
green onions – $.80
soy sauce – $2.00
mirin – $3.00
cornstarch – $1.00
Total cost: $12.30

Total food cost today: $25.60

Good day, spending-wise! I have $5.90 leftover for the rest of the week!

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