Wedding Gifts We Still Use

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Jason & I will soon be celebrating 19 years of wedded bliss. Ok, so it hasn’t all been bliss, but it’s mostly been bliss. We were so young, just 20 & 22 years old. We had a very small wedding in my home state of Pennsylvania followed a few weeks later by a wedding reception in Jason’s home state of Florida.

At the receiption we received quite a few wedding gifts that helped us set up home, which was so appreciated because we had always with our parents or with roommates so we literally had nothing. We’ve replaced most of the wedding gifts we received over the years because they wore out. There were a handful of items, however, that have stood the test of time.


Do you have wedding gifts that you still use? Please feel free to share in comments or on our Facebook page! My oldest is getting married soon and I’d love to have a nice list of things to buy her that I know will last.


Wedding Gifts We Still Use 19 Years Later


This isn’t the exact set of Calphalon utensils we have, but it’s close. We received a 5 piece set and all these years later we still have 3 of them! I recently threw the slotted spoon out when the handle broke off. We use these utensils pretty much every single day, and it’s amazing that they’ve lasted this long!





This Proctor Silex hand mixer wasn’t actually a wedding gift but is close. A few months after we were married I was dealing with some major loneliness. I was a stay-at-home mom living in a brand new state, and I knew no one. To pass the time I’d strap my daughter into the stroller and walk. We walked everywhere we had to go, which was convenient as we could only afford to have one car and my husband took it to work. Anyhow, on one of those forays we ended up at Dollar General and I purchased this hand mixer there for around $8 and we still have it. Sure, the beaters are looking a little worse for the wear these days, but who would have thought this inexpensive hand mixer would still be working 19 years later?



Our very first cooking set is long gone, it was made from very thin aluminum. Our T-Fal skillet, however, is stillgoing strong. The red indicator isn’t red anymore, but this is still the best pan for cooking eggs and other sticky things. I’ve dropped this skillet more times than I can count, but it takes the beating and keeps on going.




There isn’t a word for this Corningware casserole dish that fits it better than “amazing”. Truly, this is the best casserole dish I’ve ever used. It’s pretty, it’s easy to pull out of the oven, and it’s easy to clean. If I could have a hundred of these, I would!







To be honest, the salt shaker is long gone (I dropped it 10 years ago!), but the Old Thompson pepper grinder is still here, still sharp, and still used daily. This set was one of my favorite wedding gifts, ours are blue and they matched the kitchen in our first home. Ah, the good memories.





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