5 Tips For Saving Money

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5 tips for saving money

There are some expenses we just have to pay, things like the power bill and water bill. While we have to pay them there are things we can do to reduce how much we pay. Here are 5 tips for saving on these expenses without much effort on your part.

None of the following tips will make you a millionaire but they will save you a couple bucks a month, and it all adds up. I don’t know about you, but I’d never turn down an extra $20 in my savings account!

1. Turn your thermostat up 1 degree in the summer and down 1 degree in the winter.
Did you know that the EPA claims you can save 3% on your winter heating/summer cooling bill just by changing the thermostat by 1 degree?
In my house, that means we could save $6 a month just for living at 74 degrees instead of 73 (for cooling, thankfully we rarely need to turn the heat on!) That’s $72 a year, or $144 if we set the thermostat to a still-comfortable 75.

Not read to give your preferred temperature just yet? You can still save by changing the thermostat before you leave the house and changing it back to your desired temperature when you come home. Programmable thermostats are inexpensive and work very well, but you don’t need one if you get in the habit of visiting the thermostat before you lock the door. Placing a note by the lock can help you remember.

Save even more by turning off the lights in your house when not needed, and even more by switching to energy-efficient bulbs. Find more info here.

2. Install a low-flow aerator on your kitchen faucet.
Low-Flow aerators cost between $5 and $15 but will save you around $5/m if installed only in your kitchen. For substantial savings install one on every faucet and in each shower.

3. Keeping your tires properly inflated can save you around 3% at the pump! Learn what the proper psi for your tires and vehicle is by clicking here.

4. Eat from the pantry three times a month.
Most people find it easiest to eat from the pantry during the last week of the month, but if you’re new to pantry eating you may want to split it up throughout the month. Pantry eating is simple, look in your pantry, freezer, and fridge and eat whatever is leftover or not reserved for another meal. You may not eat gourmet, but you will eat, and you will save quite a bit by not ordering take-out!

You can add to your pantry for just pennies a month by buying a few extra sale items when you come across them. Start small and slow and before you know it you’ll have a week or more worth of pantry meals!

Here are some great pantry meals to get your started!

5. Plant one thing.
Leaf lettuce is really easy to grow, even indoors. Sprouts are a great source of vitamins, very inexpensive, and simple to grow all year long. Dianthus flowers are easy to grow outdoors and while they will look gorgeous around your house, they will also add flavor to your salads and cooking oils.

Growing one salad a week will save you several dollars, even more if you take it to work instead of buying a salad.

For a list of edible plants that are easy to grow, indoors and out, check out this link.

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