cheap meal plan weekly menu
  Feeding your family on a very slim budget can be scary, I know. Check out what I buy and cook when the month lasts longer than the money.   This is the story of a woman who went to the doctor with a cold and discovered she actually had […]

$85 Weekly Menu for 8

What food banks need
  2017 UPDATE – Holiday Food Donations, what your food bank needs the most The holidays are a popular time for donations to be made to food pantries. Before you start clearing out your pantry and freezer, however, it’s a good idea to see what food pantries really need.   […]

Holiday Food Donations – What You Should & Shouldn’t Donate

5 Things I Regret Buying
Well the title explains it all. I’m pretty forgiving with myself but wow have we ever made some really, really bad financial decisions. 5 Things I Regret Buying 1. That damned car. We were tired of old cars that were cheap but needed tons of repairs in their short life […]

Things I Wish I Hadn’t Bought

Why I Wear Leggings Even Though I'm Overweight
I’m overweight. There, I said it. I enjoy a very mobile lifestyle. I count exploring the world and hiking in nature among my favorite hobbies. Heck, we moved across the country recently so we could be outside more. If my fitness tracker is to be believed I walk 14,000-18,000 steps […]

Why I Wear Leggings Despite Being Overweight

Easy mojito recipe
I don’t know why I call it a Mojito a Go Go, I just do. It seems to flow from the lips, especially after you’ve had one. I love Mojitos but I’d never made one from scratch, always a mix, until the day my husband brought home rum and margarita […]

Mojito A Go Go Recipe

30 days to healthy with Nature Made
“This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of a Blog Blast for Influence Central. Life changes can be hard. I’ve had some pretty serious health issues in the last year, including the diagnosis of a chronic condition. Add to that the fact that we moved from sunshine-laden […]

30-Days to Healthy Habits with Nature Made

Easy Roasted Chicken Recipe
No, really! What follows may seriously be the easiest, tastiest way EVER to prepare chicken. All you need is one spice, some chicken, and some time. Wait…let’s rewind a litte bit… The day started as all of my days do; I woke up way too early in the morning to […]

The Easiest Roasted Chicken Ever!

books about frugal living
I’m sitting in bed this morning because I’m sick. I don’t get sick often but what’s even rarer is that the toddler is still sleeping and my boys haven’t figured out that I am awake. I could really use some coffee or tea but I don’t want to risk leaving […]

Books about Frugal Living

frugal living tips for the newly frugal
Maybe you just got married or welcomed a child into the world. Maybe you just graduated college and are making your way in the world. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you want to quit your job to travel the world. Whatever brought you to frugal living, and to this […]

Frugal Living Tips for the Newly Frugal

Super cheap meals that cost under $5
You read that right! Following are 3 meals to serve 6 that cost UNDER (or right around) FIVE BUCKS! (Cost is estimated based on what I pay here in the Pacific Northwest. Your prices may vary.) These are complete meals that are inexpensive and easy to prepare, and they’re also […]

3 Meals Under $5

5 Frugal Things I Don't Do
Frugal living looks different to everyone, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I’m a busy person and as much as I love saving money, sometimes the payoff for something isn’t worth the time I invest. Top 5 Frugal Things I Don’t Do 1. I […]

Top 5 Frugal Things I Don’t Do

Frugal, inexpensive, cheap, super cheap menu meal plan
Some of my most popular posts are the frugal meal plans I throw together. I want you to know that every single frugal meal plan I share is one that we actually use.Just like you we have a bad week every once in a while and I want to share […]

Frugal Meal Plans