Mojito A Go Go Recipe

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Easy mojito recipe

Easy mojito recipe

I don’t know why I call it a Mojito a Go Go, I just do. It seems to flow from the lips, especially after you’ve had one.

I love Mojitos but I’d never made one from scratch, always a mix, until the day my husband brought home rum and margarita mix. Um, dude…party foul! But, when one has rum and limes, there is only one thing to do: MAKE MOJITOS! And lemme tell ya, once you make them on your own you won’t go back to a mix.

I’m not a mixologist, just a gal who likes to drink yummy drinks. What isn’t to love about a Mojito? You’ve got rum and fizzy drink and mint…seriously, what isn’t to love??

Easy mojito recipe

Mojito A Go Go is all about flexibility, making it work with what you have. For the mixer I’ve used lemon-lime soda & club soda, but my very favorite mixer is ginger ale. Ginger ale gives the drink a little bit of a Moscow Mule taste (another one of my favorite drinks!) Use what you have on hand.

Mojito A Go Go, an Easy Mojito Recipe

makes 2 normal-sized drinks (or 1, whatever, I won’t judge)

1 Cup mixer soda (lemon-lime, club soda, or ginger ale)
1/2 C light rum
3 leaves mint
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp sugar (only if using club soda)

Place the ice in a tall glass. Rub the mint leaves between your palms and drop into the glass. Pour in the mixer, rum, and lime juice. Add the sugar if necessary. Mix well and enjoy!

Easy mojito recipe

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