Amazon Prime Pantry *VS* The Grocery Store

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amazon prime pantry review

Come one, come all! To the marvelous knock-out debut match between two top heavy weight contenders.


In this corner we have the new kid in town, Amazon Prime Pantry! Weighing in at a 50 lb box for one low delivery fee of $5.99 plus an Amazon Prime membership*


And in this corner we have a local favorite, known as the nicest place to shop in all of the Southern United States! Weighing in at the corner of “Where Shopping is a Pleasure” and great store brand street is Publix Supermarkets!


The rules are simple: Take 10 random items that I use most months and compare prices! In this competition I compared prices for Amazon Prime Pantry, Publix name brand, and Publix store brand equivalents. Add in delivery fees, transportation cost, and time to shop and we will have a winner!

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amazon prime pantry


Publix Supermarket wins first and second prize for best prices!!

Some words about how we performed this experiment:

*You need to have an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of Prime Pantry. Amazon Prime membership is $99/year and in addition to Prime Pantry benefits you will be able to stream thousands of tv shows and movies online for free and you’ll enjoy free 2-3 day shipping on almost anything you could want to buy. For the sake of this post & ease of comparison I broke the membership down into a monthly cost of $8.25.

Prime Pantry is a simple concept…fill a box, up to 50 lbs, with whatever you want from the large Prime Pantry list. As you add items to your pantry cart Amazon will tell you how much weight is left in the box as a percentage. It’s darn near impossible to get 50 lbs even, but I was able to fill my box 99.8%. You pay a flat $5.99 delivery fee and your box arrives in 2-3 days.

*We visited our regular Publix store on 5/19/2014 to gather prices. I timed the drive to and from the store, including the time it took to buckle the baby into her car seat and unload her again. I didn’t buy any items this time but my daughter bought a soda so I timed how long it too her to get through the check-out line and added it to shopping time. Shopping time also included parking and walking.

*I used this website to calculate the cost of transportation between my house and Publix.

*In the event Publix didn’t sell the same size as Amazon I doubled up packages to get the same size, within 1 oz.

*These prices do not reflect sale prices or coupons as neither are available on Amazon Prime.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Pantry *VS* The Grocery Store

  • Jen

    I’m sooooooo angry with Amazon Prime Pantry. I’ve been a Prime member for years and getting 2nd day free delivery on prime items. Now I have to pay $6 because I want to order a bar of soap?! I don’t want to be forced to fill up a box. I don’t want to wait 10 days for my shipment and I don’t want to pay for shipping on items that used to be delivered for free! This is a huuuge step back for Amazon. I’m thinking seriously of cancelling my membership over this!