August Monthly Meal Plan

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August Monthly Meal Plan

August Monthly Meal Plan

Welcome to the dog days of summer. August around here means it’s around 100 degrees when it’s time to cook dinner, and who wants to heat up the house even more? This month there are some recipes that require oven but I tried to stick to a lot of grilling (indoor grilling, it’s too hot to grill outside!) and slow cooker meals.

And have you see the price of chicken and eggs lately??? Oy! Normally we eat chicken several times a week but forget that, we’re going with other proteins this month. Any excuse for more bacon, right?? (just kidding, bacon is even more expensive than chicken. Really I’m thinking meat isn’t even worth it any more. But have you tasted bacon lately? Bacon. Yummmmm.)

Ok, so back to the topic. While chicken is super expensive I am literally swimming in fresh basil and oregano so I picked some recipes that will use those things up.

You’ll notice that my recipes aren’t enough for every day of the month. Well, why not, Meg? That’s because I need a little flexibility. We eat meals with extended family once a week or so and we always have a salad and potato night and you don’t really need a recipe for that.

So, without further ado…follow me along to Pinterest where you will find my August 2016 meal plan.

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One thought on “August Monthly Meal Plan

  • Brittany

    Hi fellow Central Florida blogger gal! Loving your blog and all of the fabulous goodies you’ve got around here. You’ve inspired me to get going on the meal planning. It’s so hard for our family to stick to it. Eek!!