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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Boys & Girls Club of America. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Proper nutrition, emotional intelligence, and leading an active lifestyle are key for our physical and emotional health, unfortunately we live in a world that doesn’t equip our children with the tools they need to make the right decisions when it comes to being healthy. 30% of kids are considered overweight or obese, and nearly 25% of kids are having trouble meeting the suggested 60 minutes of daily activity. As parents we want our kids to be as healthy as they can be, but sometimes we need a little help learning how to teach them.

The earlier we start the better our children’s chances of staying healthy are and this is where TriplePlay, from the Boys & Girls Club of America Comes in! This program, now in its 10th year, the Boys & Girls Club (and supporting partners Coca Cola & Amerigroup Foundation) is ensuring that our next generation of leaders will be healthier and have the resources needed to live a physically and emotionally balanced life!


We decided to focus on the nutritional part of the #TriplePlay10 Game Plan. We chose to focus on healthy body because of some dietary changes my doctor advised me to make. Even though my kids understand why we are making these changes they have been reluctant to adopt these changes and I didn’t know how to make them more excited. I downloaded the TriplePLay Game Plan and decided to do the “Focus on the Food Environment” activity, and I have to say that after going on a nutritious food scavenger hunt in the pantry my son was much more excited about the changes! BY focusing on our food environment we were able to discern which of our choices were good and which weren’t, and it really helped my son to understand the changes we are making.

BGCA #Tripleplay10

“Mom! This has WAY too much sodium in it! This is not a good choice!”

BGCA #Tripleplay10

“See how these tomatoes don’t have added salt? That means they are a better choice.”

BGCA #Tripleplay10

Checking nutrition labels is a great way to know what you’re eating and make good choices!

BGCA #Tripleplay10

Dried beans are a solid nutritional, and frugal, choice.

How can you help teach your children to make better choices? Start by downloading the TriplePlay Game Plan and get started today! FOr more information be sure to visit the #TriplePlay10 Facebook and Twitter pages.

BGCA @Tripleplay10

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