Seed Pod Painting, a Guest Post by Ashley of Life with Moore Babies

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It is pretty common for my kids to collect random things on walks around the neighborhood. Recently they started collecting different seed pods that had started falling from trees (or just looked interesting in the trees). We took a bunch home and decided to explore them using paint!
The girls tried pressing the seed pods into the paint to make different textures.

They also tried painting on the seed pods and then painting with them.

And they ended up just painting the seed pods themselves (they especially enjoyed the catalpa ones) which Eli thought were super cool when he woke up from his nap!

They were pretty pleased with both their paper works of art and their colorful seed pods, and they got to explore different ways seeds come packaged!

Free seed pods from around the neighborhood and paint we already own =  fun, art, and some learning too!

A classic strong-willed child, Ashley, fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian in 2005; only to realize a new dream had formed, having a family with her husband (another strong-willed child). After much heartache, they were blessed with two daughters and a son, who are all proving to be just as spirited as their parents! Though she is still working part-time, she fills her days off with fun activities and lots of learning with her three kids. And this is where the blog comes in. Life with Moore Babies is where she documents the activities they do and the places they go in hopes that someone might be inspired to do some “fun learning” with their kids.You can find Ashley on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google +.

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