Sharpen Your Kitchen IQ with KitchenIQ

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for KitchenIQ. I received promotional items to thank me for my participation.

Sharpen Your Kitchen IQ with KitchenIQ

Do you know what I love most about fall and winter? The weather is finally cool enough for me to go full steam with cooking and baking! I find both activities relaxing and I love the feeling I get after a productive day in the kitchen.

Cooking at home is one of the most important life skills a person can have and as thus I make it a priority include my children in the kitchen, even if it means there is a little more mess. I don’t shy away from letting my children use real kitchen products when they cook, in fact, it’s a right of passage in our family to be presented with your own knife.

Sharpen your kitcheniq with Kitchen IQ

When I got the chance to try out some products from KitchenIQ I was ecstatic! I love kitchen goodies and wasn’t surprised that their items are best sellers on Amazon.

We had already scheduled a cookie making party, inviting some of our closest friends over to share in the experience, and I knew this would be a great time to introduce them to KitchenIQ! We decided to make Orange Carrot Cream Scones as it allows us to use all of our KitchenIQ goodies at once!

The Potato Tool, which is actually three tools in one, made scrubbing and peeling our carrots a breeze. The incorporated paring knife was very handy for cutting off the ends and conveniently stores right in the handle of The Potato Tools. The non-slip handle was easy for me and the kids to hold and ensured that our fingers would be safe from the sharp blade of the peeler.

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KitchenIQ Potato Tool KitchenIQ Potato Tool

KitchenIQ The Better Zester

I was amazed at how well The Better Zester zests. It was so easy (and safe!) that a 10-year-old could zest without worry of getting cut.

One of my least favorite things to do is zest citrus fruit, it’s just so much work for so little pay off. Not only that though, zesting is the one job I wouldn’t let my kids do in the kitchen, until now I didn’t have a proper tool. We had a zester that just didn’t work well so I ended up using a box grater, which isn’t really safe for little hands. The Better Zester from KitchenIQ is such a wonderful tool, zesting is no longer a major pain and the zester is safe enough for my kids to use! Not only is the zester easy to use, but it has a non-stick coating, making zesting and clean up easier.

The best thing about The Better Zester is the Fresh Zest container, it stores and measures the zest! Easy peasy!

KitchenIQ The Better Zester

The Better Zester does an AMAZING job zesting citrus!

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Kitchen IQ Better Zester Kitchen IQ Better Zester

So now that you’ve made your cookies (or whatever you’re cooking!) what do you do? You clean up! Part of working in a kitchen is cleaning up after yourself and maintaining your supplies. You can ensure quick, safe, beautiful knife cuts every time by taking a few minutes to properly sharpen, hone, and store your knives. KitchenIQ’s Edge Grip Knife Sharpener is a compact, yet powerful, knife sharpener. The Edge Grip Knife Sharpener is unique in that it provides a safe surface grip whether used on a counter or against a corner of a table.

Dull and damaged knives are sharpened using the coarse sharpening blades. Light sharpening, honing, and polishing is accomplished by using the fine ceramic blades. A few pulls through each set and your knife is ready to be stored for the next time you need it.

KitchenIQ Edge Knife Sharpener

If your holiday season involves a lot of baking and cooking you’ll want to invite KitchenIQ to the table! For more information be sure to visit the KitchenIQ website, Facebook page, Twitter page, and of course their Pinterest page. Be sure to search for #SharpenYourKitchenIQ

Sharpen your kitcheniq with Kitchen IQ
Sharpen your kitcheniq with Kitchen IQ Sharpen your kitcheniq with Kitchen IQ

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