Summer Zoo Fun

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To me summer screams “ZOO DAY!” I have very fond memories of riding the city bus to the Pittsburgh Zoo with my grandmother. We’d spend the summer days walking around the zoo, drinking lemonade out of character-shaped plastic cups with bendy straws, taking camel rides, and throwing peanuts at the elephants (hey, you were allowed to do that back then!)

wild at the zoo kidquest adventures zoo book

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Why not make your trip to the zoo this summer extra special? The KidQuest Science Adventures is an awesome zoo companion activity book designed for kids ages 5-12.

It features some pretty cool stuff like:

-Animal Classification – Before you head to the zoo learn about animal classification and how to recognize different types of animals by their body characteristics.

-Feeding Time – Go beyond carnivore and herbivore to learn about the different types of animal diets and the words we use to describe what animals eat.

-Zoo Jobs – When you get to the zoo, look for the people who take care of the animals at the zoo. Use the interview questions to learn about their jobs, what they do, and how they got there.

-Where in the World Bingo – A set of two bingo cards to keep track of what countries the animals at the zoo live in. Get five in a row and you win!

-Animal Profiles – Kids capture lots of information on the animals they see (like habitat, diet, location, conservation status and more) by filling out a profile on each of their favorite animals.

-Habitats at Home – Get tips on how to set up habitats for your own little wild animal zoo at home.

-Parent/Teacher Guide that includes the text of the activity book with helpful teaching tips and easy-to-understand instructions

-Specially designed to look great printed in color or black & white

Click on photos to see a larger version:

wild at the zoo kidquest adventures zoo book

wild at the zoo kidquest adventures zoo book

Do you want to know the best part? The Wild at the Zoo Adventure Pack IS ONLY $4! Your purchase allows you unlimited printing for all of the kids in your immediate household, so you can use it again & again!

Group rates are also available!

Visit KidQuest Adventures now to get your summer fun started!

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