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*I received 3 Amazing Zhus and related accessories, as well as a nifty party kit, from Cepia, LLC for my kids and their friends to review. All opinions are our own. Please read my disclosure*

The Amazing Zhus Review

Do you remember the great Zhu Zhu Pets Christmas Craze of 2009? I do! I managed to score a couple of the toys that year and my kids LOVED them! They played with them for a loooong time, until the batteries ran out! Well, The Zhus are back, and this time with new tricks!

Introducing The Amazing Zhus!

The Amazing Zhus come in two fun varieties; The Amazing Zhus Magician Pet will dazzle and amaze as they perform magic tricks and The Amazing Zhus Stunt Pet will perform feats of great danger and strength right before your eyes!

The Amazing Zhus are available in six different characters: Stunt Pet Abra who is white with an adorable pink bow, Stunt Pet Dynamo with lightning in his eyes and a sense of adventure, Stunt Pet The Great Kardini is the real daredevil of the group, Stunt Pet Piccadilly with stars in her eyes, Magician Pet The Great Zhu who is a true top hat magician, and finally Magician Pet Madame Zhu who will amaze you with her mystic abilities.

My kids were thrilled to get a chance to play with The Amazing Zhus. We received Stunt Pet Abra, Stunt Pet Dynamo, Magician Pet Madame Zhu (who comes with the Magician Cards shown in the video below), the High Dive accessory for Abra, and the Shell Game accessory for Madame Zhu. The first thing you’ll notice is that these Zhus are hard plastic and don’t have the furry coat so while they don’t look as realistic as the original Zhu Zhu Pets I think they are actually more adorable than the originals.

The kids quickly claimed their pets and took off to test them out. What we loved most was the ease of using the pets. There was very little assembly with the High Dive accessory and my kids handled it on their own. The magician accessories didn’t require any assembly and were easy to figure out. The kids had fun using The Amazing Zhus to put on a magic show for their friends.

The classic fun of the original Zhu Zhu pets isn’t lost with The Amazing Zhus. The pets still scurry around and have three buttons that allow your child to interact with them and they still make cute little noises (which, much to my son’s enjoyment, include burps!)


What ages are The Amazing Zhus designed for?
The official age is 4+, but as you will see in the following videos my 7, 9, and 11 year olds love them, as does their 12 year old friend.

Where can I see more information about The Amazing Zhus?


Where can I find The Amazing Zhus?
Beginning in October, 2014 the Amazing Zhus are available exclusively at Wal-Mart. Pets and accessories range in price from $7.99 to $24.99.

We think The Amazing Zhus are pretty cool but don’t take my word for it, check out these awesome videos:

This is Abra the stunt Zhu performing on her high dive:
(Please excuse my daughter’s scolding of her brother, it’s been THAT kind of week around here!)

And here is Madame Zhu, the magician, guessing which walnut shell is hiding the ball:

Here’s one more of Madame Zhu playing with her magic cards! Hold a card in front of her face and through the magic of RFID chips she will read the card and perform the trick on it!


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