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Recently my family welcomed a special needs baby into our lives. When we took custody we weren’t given any health records aside from her immunization chart. We knew the basics of her medical conditions, and we were able to get our pediatrician’s opinion, but we will not be given her medical records until the adoption is final this fall.

This left us with a dilemma, do we just wait and hope the doctors get the records or do we get proactive? We decided to get proactive, and this is where CareSync came into play.

**FTC Disclosure: I received one year of free access to CareSync Plus as a gift and decided to review it. All opinions are my own and a positive review was not promised. I liked the service so much that I became an affiliate, meaning if you click on the link below and use the code MEGG14 you will receive $10 off your order and I will receive a small commission**

CareSync is a service that monitors your medical records and stores them in an accessible, easy-to-read manner. CareSync can do everything from reminding you to take your medication to retrieving your records from previous doctors.

CareSync is very easy-to-use, even for a computer novice. There are multiple levels of service that begin at the bargain price of FREE!

CareSync makes an awesome gift for new parents, especially adoptive parents!!

FREE VERSION: the free app will store your family’s doctor information, insurance information, medicine information, remind you to take your medicine, and store any records that you manually scan and upload. This is a great place to start to see CareSync’s power, especially if you have all of your records and some time to spare. For an extra $10 per instance CareSync will retrieve the records from past doctor visits and provide them to you.

HEALTH HISTORY REPORT: For a one-time $99 fee you get all of the services in the free version PLUS retrival of all past medical reports for one person, including easy-to-read summaries, all accessible by you!

CareSync PLUS: For $19 a month you get all the benefits of the free service, the Health History Report, and concierge service that will schedule your appointments and retrieve the records from each and every doctor visit! Additional family members can be added for 50% off.

Our experience with CareSync Plus is remarkable. It took me about 15 minutes to enter the medical information for all 8 people in our family, including our newest addition. The app makes it very easy to add this information as it has thousands of doctors and medications already in their database. You just type in a name, click on your doctor or medication, and let CareSync do the rest.

It so happens that I am terrible at remembering to take medication, and I’m not great at remembering to medicate my kids either. CareSync allows you to set up reminders so you never skip your medicine again.

When it comes to record retrieval, CareSync has been more successful at obtaining records that our daughter’s pediatrician, and we CAN SEE THEM ALL. Thanks to CareSync we finally know how much our daughter weighed at birth, how far along into pregnancy her birthmother was when she went into labor, that she was a normal delivery, and exactly what the extent of her needs are. We no longer have to rely on what we were told by third parties, we have the information in our hands.


While I believe that CareSync is beneficial to anyhow, if you or anyone in your family has ongoing medical needs CareSync is a must-have.

Check out CareSync’s website for more information on their plans and to sign up. Don’t forget to use the code MEGG14 for $10 off your order!


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