Dirty Pot Cleaner : Will It Work?

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Another installment in the ongoing series…

putting life hacks to the test

Today I am tackling cleaning dirty, baked-on, crusty baking sheets and pans with a paste made from baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, as seen here.


A special thanks goes to reader Teri for suggesting this one!

My initial thoughts:
Hey, this could work. I’ve used baking soda to scrub gunk left on plates overnight (gross, I know) but I scrubbed. This link says I can just let it sit…

My plan:
Find some dirty pans (of which I have plenty) and follow the directions listed in the link above. Check every 30 minutes to see if the pan is easy to clean.

The photographs (click to enlarge):
This is the pan I picked, pretty nasty, eh?

Step 1: Add baking soda

Step 2: Add Hydrogen Peroxide. This was kinda anticlimactic. It would have been much cooler if it had bubbled or something.

Step 3: Let it sit. In a few hours come back and wipe the grime away.

2 hours later: pan05

4 hours later: pan06

5 hours later I decided to scrub it, which was also stated as an option in the original link.


The verdict:
Nope. Nada. Doesn’t work. Fail.

Dangit, I really, really wanted this one to work.

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