Remove Soap Scum with Dryer Sheets

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Pinterest Challenge

Remove soap scum with a dryer sheet

It’s time for another installment of “I saw it on Pinterest, does it really work?”

Today’s Pinterest Challenge is inspired by this pin by Budget Savvy Diva.

(Side note: it thrills me when people spell savvy correctly, I don’t know why but it just does)

So anyhow, the shower in our master bathroom is pretty sad. It was in bad shape when we moved in 5 years ago and I can’t say it’s seen a scrub brush much since we moved in. Sometimes certain things are just…overwhelming. So anyhow, I typically bleach the stall out every few weeks and spray a shower spray every day. It keeps the shower decently clean but the shower stall is still coated in soap scum…and it just…won’t…come…off! It takes me an hour to scrub it all off only to have it coated again in days. Frustrating and overwhelming.

When I saw this pin I literally dropped everything I was doing (you know, playing around on Pinterest, ha ha) and grabbed a dryer sheet. Being frugal minded we don’t normally have dryer sheets around but my father-in-law just moved and we inherited all of his laundry supplies (and also they smell nice!)

But does it work?

Can you remove soap scum with dryer sheets?

dryer sheet to remove soap scum

Step 1: Grab a dryer sheet and find a gross shower

dryer sheet to remove soap scum

Step 2: Wet the dryer sheet and use it to scrub the shower stall


dryer sheet to remove soap scum

Step 3: Rinse the suds off, spray with glass cleaner, and enjoy your clean glass!

I know it’s really hard to tell how this worked because of the frosted glass of our shower stall (Oh so 1982!) but it really did work. The shower stall isn’t totally soap scum free, but considering what we started with, I got pretty darn amazing results for putting in so little effort. I didn’t scrub hard or even work up a sweat, I just rubbed the dryer sheet on the shower stall.

So I deem this Pinterest Challenge: Definately Doable!

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