One Touch Automatic Can Opener Review

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one touch can opener review


Some background: I have severe carpal tunnel in both of my hands. I had my right hand fixed but waited so long that I was only able to regain about 80% of my strength in that hand. My left hand has yet to be corrected, and given the fact that my right hand is getting worse again I’m not sure I will ever have the left hand fixed. (and no, you don’t have to tell me how to fix it without surgery, LOL, I can promise you that at this point I’ve probably tried it!)

My point is this: using a manual can opener is very, very difficult for me. After burning through several electric can openers I finally found a manual opener that I could use with minimal pain.

And then I dropped it.

The manual can opener still works but it takes a lot of effort.

Through a completely random happenstance I became the owner of one of these babies:
Electric Automatic Cordless Handsfree One Touch Can Jar Tin Opener Open Tool H8

and it is amazing. You place the can opener on the top of the can, press a button, and wait.

That’s it.

Amazing, right??

Now, before you go reading the Amazon reviews, know that yes, this baby does use batteries. I’ve opened about 15 cans with it and you can tell in the video that the batteries are starting to wear down. Do keep in mind that I have not changed the batteries in it, who knows how many cans it opened before I got my mitts on it.

Worth it? YES.

Also, please note that this isn’t for kids to use. The can is very, very sharp after it’s opened.

The next biggest complaint I saw is that the lid doesn’t fully lift off the can. As you can see in the video I haven’t experienced an issue with that.

**Note that I have an older version of the can opener (hey, it was given to me for free!) There are several newer models available now, I imagine they work the same or better. One of these babies will run you between $10 and $40 on Amazon, depending on which seller you buy it from, if you want free shipping, if you have Prime shipping, etc.

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One thought on “One Touch Automatic Can Opener Review

  • Jacqui

    I got one of these in a White Elephant Christmas exchange. I love mine! Brii hates it so she uses a manual opener that I kept only for Hurricane time. I agree about the edges being super sharp. I’ve had to pass some areas several times with it as it tends to pick & choose which parts to open. That’s why everyone else hated it. Oh well!!